New Year...New You! Where To Start?

New Year...New You! Where To Start?

So it is 2019 which means a fresh start to ANY goal you want to accomplish. You want to loose those 5...or 15 extra "holiday" lbs, you want to give your house a new modern and fresh feel, you want to start cooking healthier and meal prepping, if you're a mom you want to start spending more "quality" time with the kids, and the list goes on. A new year is a great place to begin achieving your goals. But one thing that I am so guilty of is that I have all these new ideas and new goals that I become overwhelmed once I try to accomplish any of them. You may be the same way or you may be perfect and everything goes as planned. Well Lucky you! BUT if you sound more like me, then keep reading because this blog is for you!

Okay, I'm just going to say you will need TWO important things. You will have to keep these on hand or at least somewhere you will see them everyday and every night. The first item you will need is a PLANNER and a PENCIL.Lifestyle planner 2019 tips and tricks organizer sacramento boutique

I say pencil because you can erase if something changes. Me personally I am a mother and a wife so I use one of those jumbo erasers because life happens a lot more when you have children! If you're a mom you feel my struggle.  But don't worry your pretty little head, you WILL be okay and your goals will still get accomplished! 

Next thing I do is I plan out my week such as "Do I have to be somewhere?" "What client appointments do I have this week?" Pretty much any commitment you have already made. Once I have all of those for the week down then I write (I like to start on Sunday) down the things I would like to accomplish the following day. I do mine literally by the hour. I cut out so much time for each activity I need to do that day. Lifestyle planner 2019 tips and tricks organizer sacramento boutique

Yes I know not everything goes as planned but this way by writing it down, you can see it and do you hardest to stick by it. At the end of the day you can write till your hand falls off, but the most important thing you will need is SELF - CONTROL. If you have a fitness goal to loose some weight and you have committed to eating a healthier lifestyle, STICK TO IT. When friends invite you to dinner sure go but maybe skip the alcohol drink and DO NOT eat the bread they put out! Have a taco salad instead of three or five tacos. It just depends on how bad you want to accomplish your goal. You can do it though, TRUST ME. 

Okay, where were we? Now that you have your day to day and your timeline cut out, you are ready and on track for the next day. Fast forward to the next day, As you are going through your day cross out everything that you have accomplished. By the end of the night go back through your planner/journal and see if there are items on your list that are not checked off. Ask yourself what happened? Are you spending too much time on something that shouldn't take so long? Did you get side tracked? How can you eliminate those distractions? Once you see how you can fix those areas, you can start  planning out the following day. Take a closer look at all the things you were able to cross off your list. No matter how big or small, hey you accomplished them. You had a goal set and look, you DID THAT. Be proud and feel good about your accomplishment. You are one step closer to becoming the person you want to be. 

 So 2019 is here and you have your goals. I hope that this post and my tips will help you get one step closer and will make it just a tad bit easier to become organized. Remember with Self-Control and the Will to accomplish whatever goal you may have, IT IS POSSIBLE. 

Thank you so much for reading and I would love you feedback. As always make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what else Victorio's Vanity is up to. Talk to you loves soon!


Monica V.

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